Using the latest technology we have designed and built the first full-coverage, digital advertising vehicle. The vehicle has three eye-level screens (driver’s side, passenger side and rear) that enable your message to be seen from almost any angle in beautiful, bright LED. We can take our digital billboards almost anywhere – the high street, retail parks, shopping centres and festivals. Getting your advert closer to your audience than ever before.

We are the only company globally with the innovative 3 screen sided Digiadvan. We can uniform the messages or we can run sequential messages on all 3 screens independently.

Traditional outdoor advertising options often get lost in the noise of the modern world. mobile digital billboards offer a new and attractive way of getting your message across. Our three screens combined are approximately equivalent in size to a 48 sheet billboard, with the added bonus of being in full colour LED. With you have total flexibility of exactly where and when your message is shown, allowing for a perfectly targeted, responsive and up-to-the-minute advertising campaign.

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