Tri Digiadvan

Using the latest technology we have designed and built the first full-coverage, digital advertising vehicle. The vehicle has three eye-level screens (driver’s side, passenger side and rear) that enable your message to be seen from almost any angle in beautiful, bright LED. We can take our digital billboards almost anywhere – the high street, retail parks, shopping centres and festivals. Getting your advert closer to your audience than ever before.

We are the only company globally with the innovative 3 screen sided Digiadvan. We can uniform the messages or we can run sequential messages on all 3 screens independently.

  • Global Exclusive
  • Full Coverage, all side of Van covered
  • Screens can be used independently
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Interactive Digiadvan

The perfect outdoor advertising tool. Designed for close proximity interaction, the High Definition screen and audio system coupled with the Digiadvans interactive capabilities allow outdoor audiences to engage with your brands or services on a new level.

The mobile nature of the Digiadvan allows for precise demographic targeting via strategic placement of the vehicle, maximising exposure and optimising impact. Whether it is showcasing your social media content, gaming or touchscreen interactivity, Digiadvans have the most up to date technology solutions available.

  • Full HD Video & Audio
  • Interactive Touch Screen with Data Capture
  • Live TV and Video Broadcasting
  • Giant Games Consoles
  • High Speed Internet
  • Augmented reality
  • Gesture based Interface
  • Audience measurement
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Large Format LED Screens

Designed specifically for outdoor events, festivals, concerts and sporting fixtures, The fleet of large format LED screens are the perfect tools for improving the atmosphere of your events.

Screens range from 16 to 48 square metres with several base applications available including, screen/stage combos, free standing screens, and visual mixing studios. Live TV and video camera feeds can also be connected.

  • LED Video Screen with Audio
  • Adjustable Screen Height
  • Live TV and Video Broadcasting
  • Screen Sizes Ranging From 16 to 48 sqm
  • Visible From Great Distances
  • High Speed Internet
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Custom Custom Screen Installations now offers you the opportunity to communicate further with your audience. Our plug and play high bright custome screen installations measuring from 40″ to 130″ provide you with a new dynamic as you drive your business forward.

Using the latest technology we have designed and built the first commercial full-coverage, digital advertising vehicles. We custom fit screens of a variety of sizes into the vehicle of your choice. Whether it is for your own advertising revenue income, one off custom build for an event, or converting your entire fleet to reach further with your marketing strategies whilst they are out on the road, The Digiadvan custom installation is the perfect solution.

You can take your digital billboards almost anywhere – the high street, retail parks, shopping centre’s and festivals. Getting your companies’ messages closer to your audience than ever before.

Traditional outdoor advertising options often get lost in the noise of the modern world. Our mobile digital  custom builds offer a new and attractive way of getting your message to your target audience. With you have complete flexibility of exactly where and when your message is shown, allowing for a perfectly targeted, responsive and up-to-the-minute marketing activity.

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